SPS Shout Outs

Week of December 13th

fblaAITE FBLA students give back to the community

A Shout Out to AITE students Lorrie Solonynka, Dante Ayars and Samuel? Forfang for inspiring your fellow students to give back to the community and a special thank you to AITE staff member Mrs. Zanga for your leadership.?

On Thursday, December 9th, during after-school hours, a group of AITE students from the FBLA club arrived at the Stamford Boys and Girls Club to work with students grades 1-4.? Prior to arriving they created a lesson plan and activity.? The program they presented not only engaged the students but taught them about Free Enterprise and Business in America using terms they could connect to tangible items.??

All will agree that volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club is a great way to help teach young people valuable life lessons and learn something about yourself in return.

Kudos AITE FBLA for your leadership and giving back in the community!

hStillmeadow Kindness Club

Mrs. Kim Huba and the Stillmeadow Kindness Club have been collecting food donations the week of December 13 - 17.? Donations have wildly exceeded their expectations and the students are excited to be able to make a difference for others in need.? The Stillmeadow Kindness Club has plans to continue its efforts in the spring months to bring attention to the need for food donations all year round, not just during the holidays. Thank you to the entire Stillmeadow community for their help!

boxHoliday Giving at APPLES

In collaboration with JCC Sara Walker, APPLES staff donated toys and winter clothes for families in need this holiday season. The APPLES staff,? Gina Frederick and Amy Bianco - School Social Workers, Nury Malpica Jacome - Parent Facilitator, Susie Miller - Special Education Teacher and Lisa Cody - Assistant Director, held a shopping event on Saturday, December 12th for the receiving families to come to APPLES and choose the toys and clothes they want for their child. Families and Staff wrapped the presents so they would be all set for giving on the holiday.? APPLES had over 30 families participate in this gift receiving event!

h“Gratitude Tree and Meditative Mural” Debut at SHS

For those familiar with the hallways of SHS, you will notice two new pieces of artwork displayed on the first floor.? Stamford-based Artist Suzanne Bellehumeur painted a “gratitude tree and meditative mural” for Mrs. Valentine-Fabiano’s Stress Management Class.? Her club (Mindful Knights) recently brought? awareness to those feeling disconnected due to COVID-19.? The tree will have statements of gratitude written by the students of SHS.? While the pictures are impressive, they do not do justice to what is actually seen in person.? Kudos to Mrs. Valentine-Fabiano and Ms. Bellehumeur for making SHS school a bit better!


What is an?SPS?Shout Out?

An SPS?Shout Out?is a special recognition that acknowledges school communities, staff members or students who have inspired us with a unique project, an outstanding job or a special effort that had a positive impact on our students or community.? Each week we will celebrate a few by sharing with all SPS staff and posting on the district website. Please share any or all of these with your friends and families.???

SPS Administrators can submit Shout Outs for consideration through the form shared with them in the Administrators’ Weekly.???