Stamford School Readiness Pre-K

Stamford's?School Readiness Program?was established to provide three and four year olds at all economic levels with full-day, school day or part-day early care and education programs.

Preschool develops children's social, emotional and cognitive skills. Children who have had a high-quality preschool experience in a private or public program tend to outscore their kindergarten classmates who have had little or no such experience. These gains are often maintained throughout their academic careers.

The City of Stamford and the Stamford Public Schools partner to provide the state-funded School Readiness Program.

Please visit the?Stamford School Readiness Program?at the City of Stamford web site for complete details about the program and other available pre-schools in Stamford, or contact:

Donna Arcuri
School Readiness Liaison
City of Stamford
Mayor’s Office
888 Washington Blvd.
Stamford, CT 06901
(203) 977-4589